Knowledge of Medical Tattooing

Expertise in Medical Tattooing since 1998, the year dr van Not en Rinus Souisa started their cooperation. Together they now start to educate students to do the work as it should be. The reason why they started this course is that many people asked questions about our quality of medical tattooing. Now it's the time to start sharing our knowledge. This initiation is supported by plastic surgeons from The Netherlands and Belgium as well as health care organizations such as NPCF in The Netherlands. Click the "Read More" button to see how the cooperation between a tattooist and a plastic surgeon started. If you have any questions, please send us an email:

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Medical Tattoo Innovations BV

What does Medical Tattooing mean?

Medical tattoo is nothing but just tattooing, however, here we don't make a decorative tattoo but through medical tattooing we're camouflaging or restore conditions with a medical cause

With treatment, the aim is to make people less noticeable (wine stain) or give back what they lost (areola). Where surgical is no improvement possible, the condition is often still further improvable with medical tattooing.

Through this unique collaboration, where both disciplines work closely together, we have been helping a lot of patients!

Now we treat patients from all over the Netherlands, but also patients outside the country are contacting us for treatment with Medical Tattooing

Our medical tattooists work always together with a plastic surgeon., read the Patient Info part for this subject.