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Medical Tattoo Innovations BV is a joint venture between dr H.P. of Not, plastic surgeon and Rinus Souisa, professional tattoo artist.

The cooperation started in 1998, the expertise that has been built up in all those years of cooperation has led to set up this new company. Our aim is to teach and train our students to become well trained and experienced medical tattooists.

We train our own people and after finishing the training they will be able to work in various hospitals in The Netherlands and also beyond. Medical Tattoo Innovations is a stand-alone organization and takes care of the whole process such as intake, finances. If you wish, we can send our medical tattooist to your hospital. Quality control is performed by our organization. All medical tattooists work according to the guidelines of the Dutch GGD for tattooing and have a license.

This training is supported by:








Below a video from 2010, we were then nominated for the innovation award “Emergo”, where we won the audience award. This video is in Dutch!



Broadcast of VPRO’s Metropolis about medical tattoos


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