Alopecia Areata

What is Alopecia Areata?

Alopecia areata means site specific weed baldness. It is a disease of the hair roots that can occur anywhere on the body where normal hair growth is.

The spots where the hair roots are affected, are generally round or oval. In the spots (almost) all hair disappears, while in the surrounding skin normal hair growth is seen. This results in one or more bald areas.

The bald spots often remain limited to the hair that grows on the head, but basically they can occur on all body areas where normal hair grows, such as eyebrows, beard, armpits and pubic area. It can also happen that the hair is not disappearing spot by spot. In that case evenly and spread over the entire scalp hair loss is occurring.

In rare cases all scalp hair or all the body hair is gone. Sometimes there is extension to a complete baldness of the scalp or of the whole body.

Patients with this condition can be treat with medical tattooing by placing eyebrows or make “hairs” on the head.

This treatment ultimately has nothing to do with permanent make-up. We only treat people with this proven condition.





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