Why medical tattooing in scars after severe burns?

Patients with scars from burns can benefit from a treatment with medical tattooing. We can soften the scars sustained after severe burns, through our treatment with medical tattooing. In our training you will learn how we do this , we can also tattoo medication in the burn mark(s).  By doing this, the effect of tattooing can have an even better result.

Skin will contract after severe burns. This results in limitation of movement and is often accompanied with pain. With medical tattooing we can improve the arc of motion by softening the skin. Later we can also correct the color of the burnt skin, essential is  the color determination!


Litteken hals agv brandwond. Na 1 behandeling tattoeage

Scar in a patients neck as a result of a burn.


Brandwond voor behandeling
Scar after 1 treatment with medical tattooing


Na behandeling medische tatoeage
Result after several treatments: a much softer scar which improves the movement of the neck



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