Areolar tattooing

Why tattooing of the areola?

Patients who qualify for a areolar reconstruction often have had to deal with breast cancer. After a heavy and emotional time of treatments and the reconstruction of one or both breasts, the last station is the areola reconstruction.

A breast reconstruction can be performed with tissues of ones own body (autologous) or with implants/prostheses. Which method is chosen is very personal, individual and depends from case to case. It is always determined by the surgeon and patient together. In some cases a hereditary form of breast cancer is present. Preventive mastectomy followed by immediate reconstruction can be considered. A breast reconstruction is performed in different stages/steps and can be performed immediately or delayed. Here as well there are no general rules: what is the best option can be different in each case and has to be discussed with the surgeon and patient. The last step in reconstruction is the areolar reconstruction with medical tattooing.

After other breast surgery such as breast augmentation or breast reduction we can treat the scars around the areola also with medical tattooing if necessary.

Patients come after referral by the attending plastic surgeon, at the medical tattooist. In 2 – 4 sessions a reconstruction of the areoala(s) is performed. The final result should look as natural as possible.

Below you can see what we can achieve with medical tattooing:

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