History and start of the cooperation.


Tattoo-artist Rinus Souisa made his first medical tattoos way back and was successful with it. At the time, there was no support from the medical world, yet he succeeded to correct a patients lip and later he was able to camouflage a patients port-wine stain. The brother of this patient asked Rinus if he could camouflage the stain and Rinus would not be Rinus, so he went put it to work with a positive result! This was around 1995/1996. However, there was no doctor who believed in his work, or was willing to collaborate.

Until Rinus and his wife Loes, who now manages the pr and secretary, met dr H.P. van Not. He asked Rinus if he wanted to collaborate because he was going to be based in the Zeeland-area and saw the advantages of medical tattooing. 

Rinus told him that he wanted to brainstorm about that idea. However this conversation never took place, because two weeks later,  the first patient of dr van Not came to visit us with a referral note, asking Rinus if he could do something for this patient….the collaboration was a fact from that moment on!

Of course it took a while before this cooperation was accepted and recognized, but in the end both insurance companies and doctors were convinced that if different disciplines are working together, the results are optimal for the patient. Our motto is and will always be: “Do what you are good at! ”

A tattoo artist can not do an surgical operation and take care of wounds, a doctor or nurse can not make a perfect medical tattoo.


Photos of the beginning of our cooperation, the treatments then were given in the tattoo-studio

van Not zaak













We discovered that we could not tattoo under local anesthesia, the winestain disappeared under the influence of the anesthetic fluid….

The next step was to treat patients under general anesthesia!  












Because the medical world was not ready yet for a tattoo artist in the operating room, all actions were recorded by the medical photographer.



















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