Rinus Souisa

Rinus Souisa was very young when he saw tattooed people. Intrigued by the fact that something could stay permanently in the skin, he started to investigate himself how this was possible.

The search has led to the opening of his own tattoostudio in 1991 in Middelburg, the Netherlands. Of course this happened not without a fight in those times, tattooing was not as much accepted as it is nowadays,  but by perseveration and hard work we can say now, 25 years later, it has been successful.

What is very important in the studio, is the personal contact and the empathy; obviously the quality of the tattoos is also one of the main points. You can here visit the website of the studio.

In 1998  Rinus met dr. van Not, plastic surgeon, however, this was not the first encounter with medical tattooing. Previously he had corrected a lip of a lady who had lost a part of her pigment in that area. Also he medically tattooed, once he had a shop, someone with a port-wine stain. At that time his work was absolutely not supported by doctors, so the treatments were very painful as there was no possibility to anesthetize the patient. However, Rinus continued his pioneering work, purely out of an empathetic point of view. After all, he could help people, something that has high priority in his life.

Until he met dr. van Not! The cooperation with the plastic surgeons in Zeeland exists already since 1998 and many patients are very satisfied with the treatment.

In the world of tattoo-artists Rinus is a well-known person. He has been president of the Dutch Tattoo Federation for 12 years , during those years he has worked in order to improve the hygienic working in tattoo studios.

Furthermore, Rinus and his wife traveled extensively, shared knowledge and gave lectures all over the world about medical tattooing and hygienic working.

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De studio in Middelburg
The studio in Middelburg, The Netherlands











Currently , Rinus does still all medical tattooing himself  at a location of Zeelandcare, and also works in his studio in Middelburg.















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